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Season 1 / Episode 1: The Beginning

Studies on Topics Covered: 

Season 1 / Episode 2: To Booze or Not to Booze

That is the question .. And the answer is different for everyone

Book References Used in Todays Episode:

  • “Mind over Meds”, by Dr. Andrew Weil
  • “Let’s Play Doctor”, by Dr. J.D Wallach
  • “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”, By Dr. J.D. Wallach

Website References Used in Todays Episode:

Season 1 / Episode 3 : The Truth About Covid19 and Integrative Solutions with Dylon Suggs, Matrix Breakers

With the Power of Choice, Comes the Responsibility to Choose. An informative perspective on holistic integrative solutions to building the immune system, along with the history leading up to the Covid19 event. I thank Dylon Suggs for joining this Podcast, and encourage everyone to check out his podcast, Matrix Breakers, for well researched listening material.

Website Reference https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/how-to-boost-immune-health

Season 1 / Episode 3.1: Beating Burnout

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