“And What did you Learn”? The Most Powerful Question to Ask

Yesterday 10/4/2021 servers went down in a big way and took out social media for a day. I noticed a little, as I attempted to reach the apps during the day.

What did I learn? I achieved more with the servers down. I started projects that had been in the back of my mind. I decluttered my space. I did more reflective writing. I opened my home windows, let in the fall air and saged my house. A little “creative reset” if you will.

I hear other social media users and business owners speaking similar stories.

Everyone’s circumstances still look different, however one thing is for certain, through it all- business owner or not, how you use and allocate your time while you are here on this earth is determined by you, and you only (and influenced by your closest relationships, family and peers, if you so allow it to be). It is not a matter of more time, it is a matter of allocating the time that is already innately there.

What else did I learn? I learned that I do not want social media to be the main host of my business ventures in the future. Many Hours, Creative Ideas and Milestones take place along the way of building a business and Social Media is not the Solid Foundation I want Leaf Best 4 Last Holistic Coaching to be Built Relying on. We will still be using social media platforms, however they will take lesser priority to building the membership on the Leaf Best 4 Last Website

From now on, my main form of communication with Leaf Best 4 Last Holistic Health Coaching Community, My Youngevity Memberships, and my NEW Monthly Newsletter and Holistic Health Open Forum for all those who have not felt like they can express their full range of freedom of speech about Health Topics on Social Media as of the past few years (+ more for those living outside the USA). As one Human Species, we do better in Community, and that is what Leaf Best 4 Last will be looking to build with this new platform, Kmotion.

The name Kmotion is a play on words. Kaitlyn will be teaching the Holistic Coaching Group Courses, and is also Author/Publisher of all Kmotion Newsletters.

The Kmotion Newsletter will Cover Mindful Movement, Organic Home Solutions, Holistic Parenting, Gluten-Free Cooking (with dairy free options), and will be a growing platform where people can feel free to express their truths and freedom of Holistic Natural Living.

The second meaning is that it sounds like the word commotion. This has multiple meanings to me as the Author and Holistic Health Coach:

“Definition of commotion

1: a condition of civil unrest or insurrection

The commotion was finally brought to an end and peace was restored.”

1 – A State of Commotion to me sounds like Fight or Flight, inability to heal or grow, it sounds like where I started, and where a lot of individuals continue to live in. Our high pace, “multitasking” (This doesn’t exist and leads to less productivity overall) Over Drive Business 9 -5 + Overtime Society: Where convince (even at the expense of our own wellbeing) is valued more than care. A lot of people who feel stuck in this vicious cycle may find that even after achieving all that they set out to do, that it didn’t fulfill them in the end, or make them feel good mentally or physically. Awareness is the first key. And If this sounds like you, Congratulations. It is the beginning point to learning, and working towards achieving what feels good to you.

2- A State of Commotion also sounds like where the social media companies were with outages + more. Additionally in the year 2020 and 2021 censorship has hit the Holistic Organic Community Hard. Our social media platforms such as Leaf Best 4 Last Facebook and Leaf Best 4 Last Instagram may be the “starting point” for how the Leaf Best 4 Last Business Team Delivered Content to our Memberships, and ALOT of creative time and energy has been put into developing that portion of our business, however, we have learned that where commotion is found it is not a solid foundation for security long term, and would like to move towards secure growth for our Holistic Business, Right here, Unfiltered and Un-censored.

In a time where individuals are experiencing the Real World Commotion, and Virtual Commotion..

Kaitlyn Created Kmotion: To restore balance to those who have been affected by the commotion

.. which as of lately, has been all of us!

As a society we have been dealing with collective trauma, healing begins when we look at ourselves and how we show up. Join us at www.leafbest4last.com/kmotion to hear about upcoming Holistic group coaching dates and membership opportunities

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