Where has she been? & Who Am I? … Not a gossip girl throw back, we got ENGAGED! #FutureMrs.Thiel

I have been taking the last few weeks to take it all in & let the wedding planning begin. Most girls are a fan of planning at first and some have reported that the excitement wears off as the planning year continues – & I will let you know! Right now I am loving the planning process, and the goal is to be organized, ahead of schedule and hire a great stylist to carry out my vision the day of. Luckily I have connected with a team of wonderful individuals who I am confident can make it all happen & then some – 2022

With the excitement of the engagement, it has been a perfect time to reevaluate what else we want to be building for our family for the next year (Besides a dreamy wedding) –

Stability, Earned Secure Attachment while recognizing that we have had previous template attachment styles (Tyler previous avoidant / Kaitlyn previous Anxious), a Balanced work life balance, continued healing and learning: as to rely on healthy coping skills before we start a family, to name a few we are starting with.

The most beneficial recent step in our relationship besides our engagement was starting Zoom Couples Counseling with a Licensed Psychotherapist. Although Tyler and I never identified that there were “Problems” within our relationship, we knew there was room for individual and therefore couple growth- and boy, were we correct following that intuition.

Therapy once to twice a month with your significant other can spark conversation like it never has before – or it least it did in our house hold. Our family will forever be strengthened by us working through our attachment styles prior to subconsciously repeating generational cycles. Even our dog Lulu Benefits greatly from us showing up in a more secure way for her, as animal’s can show attachment behaviors just as humans do!

How prevalent is attachment theory to human behavior? Well it can truly apply to everyone, and is very much worth understanding about yourself and your partner, especially if you have children or are planning to start a family.

Although my practice, Leaf Best 4 Last, does heavily practice under the understandings of Adult Attachment Styles, we do not Diagnose or work through these practices. This is something that is best discussed with a Licensed Psychotherapist.

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