Summer is Here!

And Leaf Best 4 Last is excited for the sunshine and high vibrations this season is bringing along with it. When things get busy, it is important to plan in time for the activities that refill and bring your child-like versions to play. (Especially if you are a parent! Think matching your child’s creative imagination for an afternoon of outdoor bliss.)

It is worth noting, personal activities such as cleaning your space and grocery shopping too will need room in your schedule. Ensure time for each activity and prioritize your commitments to yourself, so that you may honor and enjoy your presentences while completing each activity. Perhaps try out a new market you’ve been interested in or swap an afternoon indoors for a walk in the nearest wildlife.

When you are fueling up yourself or the kiddos this season, think intuitive eating! What is in season? What contains extra water and will leave high energy fueled kiddos? We will be introducing “Make Fruit Fun” to our programs in the near future. Stay tuned to learn more soon!

Family food prep can be a fun group activity, with understanding of foods and how it interacts with our bodies and digestion (digestion = mood!) intuitive eating and snacks can result in major improvements to a family’s routine! Wishing you a fun and fueled summer

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