Beyond diet and exercise


How Are Your Primary Foods? โ 

Primary foods isnโ€™t referring to whatโ€™s on our plate. โ 

Instead, this concept refers to the other aspects of our life that feed, nourish, and satisfy us. From the relationships we hold to the career weโ€™re in, these alternate forms of energy also feed us. โ 

They give us feelings of love, worth, and intimacy.

They provide us with the serotonin, dopamine, and other chemicals we need to feel happy and fulfilled. โ 
They provide us with the motivation we need to set goals, aspire to great things, and reach our full potential as human beings. โ 
Unfortunately, it is incredibly common to see primary food deficiencies. โ 

Letโ€™s work together to identify how youโ€™re getting your primary foods, where youโ€™re lacking, and how you can get more of that good energy incorporated into your life. โ 

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