Beyond diet and exercise

Instead, this concept refers to the other aspects of our life that feed, nourish, and satisfy us.

From the relationships we hold to the career we’re in, these alternate forms of energy also feed us. ⁠

Social life, Relationships, Joy, Learning, Home cooking, physical activity, education, home environment are a few examples of other Primary Food Areas In Someone’s Life.

They give us feelings of love, worth, and intimacy.

They provide us with the serotonin, dopamine, and other chemicals we need to feel happy and fulfilled. ⁠

They provide us with the motivation we need to set goals, aspire to great things, and reach our full potential as human beings. Unfortunately, it is incredibly common to see primary food deficiencies. ⁠

Let’s work together to identify how you’re getting your primary foods incorporated into your life ⁠, where you’re depleted, where there is room to grow and work together to provide a plan of nourishment in the previous areas of depletion.

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