Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan salt has an ENORMOUS amount of health benefits, especially in
comparison to its more widely known household counterpart, traditional table

Traditional table salt that we all know and love, is heavily processed, bleached
and heated. The heating process changes the chemical structure of sodium chloride,
turning it into a state that is not NATURAL, and is different from what our bodies
are designed to digest and utilize. As an extra bonus, an additive called calcium
silicate is added to prevent the salt from forming into clumps.

Not ideal if you are trying to go the natural/organic route. Your body requires NATURAL! I truly believe that Mother Nature knows best, and the fewer ingredients, the better!

Introducing, Pink Himalayan Salt!

Not only is it organic, the list of health benefits (and other bonuses) goes on…

Its antioxidants and electrolytes allow for increased physical and mental energy levels to start. Pinkย Himalayanย salt, unlike traditional table salt, can actually DECREASE your blood pressure.ย  It is packed with minerals that help regulate sodium levels and stabilize your heartbeat.

It also helps your body improve the amount of nutrients you can absorb through
the food that you eat.

And as a bonus, it can also be used to balance PH levels by reducing excess acidity in the blood, which is also essential for eliminating inflammatory reactions and chronic diseases! Which is also very effective for clearing up unwanted acne, all while treating your body to an all natural, organic experience, free of unwanted chemicals and “additives”. It’s a win win!

So switch out your table salt for Pink Himalayan salt and season your food with it, you can also add 1 tsp (or whatever you can tolerate) in a glass of water, and drink it. The extra electrolytes will give you more energy both mentally and physically.  We pick ours up from our favorite local store Weeds.

Please note that I am not a Doctor, and all medical services should be continued as this is program is not a subsidization for medical care.
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