Move your own wayโ 

Make Physical Activity A Daily Habit โ  โ 

A gym membership isnโ€™t for everyone, so donโ€™t feel ashamed for not wanting to go! โ  โ 

While physical exercise is crucial for our health, itโ€™s equally as important to find a way to move that you actually enjoy and can benefit from. โ  โ 

If youโ€™re forcing yourself to run on the treadmill, go to a spin class, or do push-ups in your room and youโ€™re not enjoying it, then it might be time to try something else. Just because your sister loves hot yoga, or your best friend loves mountain biking doesnโ€™t mean that youโ€™re going to love those activities! โ  โ 

The good news is that there are hundreds of ways to get your heart rate up, and sometimes all you need is a little encouragement or some additional information.โ  Itโ€™s very likely that if youโ€™ve ever claimed, โ€œexercise isnโ€™t for me,โ€ that you just havenโ€™t found the right way to exercise yet.โ  โ 

Something I like to remind my clients is that exercise doesnโ€™t need to involve buckets of sweat, hours of time, or fancy equipmentโ€”it just has to get you moving and make you feel good. โ 

If youโ€™ve been searching for a fitness routine that you can get excited about, letโ€™s talk! โ 

Happy February loves!

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