What is a limiting belief?โ โ €

Are your limiting beliefs setting you back?โ โ €

Do you know those excuses that you tell yourself when something doesnโ€™t go your way?โ โ €

Say youโ€™re having trouble finding a relationship and you explain it away with something like, โ€œwomen only want men who drive nice carsโ€ or, โ€œmen are only interested in womenโ  with a specific body type.โ€โ โ € โ โ €

These are examples of limiting beliefs – statements that you believe to be fact even though thereโ€™s evidence proving otherwise – for example, many men find all female bodyโ  types attractive, and there are plenty of women in relationships with inexpensive vehicles.โ 

These altered realities are holding you back from exploring all the possibilities that are available to you because youโ€™re allowing negative thoughts to control your perspective.โ โ €

The trick to overcoming your limited beliefs requires taking the time to educate yourself and ask plenty of questions.

Itโ€™s also important to try and figure out what fears and anxieties caused those negative thoughts in the first place. โ โ €

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