Through the Power of Vibrations

Music speaks to the soul, through the power of vibrations. How beautiful is it that we have so many instruments (including our own voices) to create with! 

How wonderful that we can energetically connect with other living beings through the power of energetic vibrations. Sure animals canโ€™t talk to us. Do they understand energetic vibrations we put out when experiencing emotions? Youโ€™re darn right they do!

For example, do horses understand the human emotion spectrum? In a way! They are impeccably smart creatures and have 8x the energy field as humans due to their large size. They are incredible therapy animals and are able to pick up on energy frequencies that may not be spoken or openly expressed. โ €

When an emotion is felt it emits an energetic frequency even when the emotion is not expressed, it is emitted into the energetic field and can be processed by the therapy animal.

Another example would be music therapy or frequency healing, both showing huge success in increased long term cognitive function.

This information is a blessing in this lifetime that should not be taken lightly. We can have physical symptoms of unexpressed emotions and trauma stored in our bodies, and it will need a healthy release of some sort, or it will remain stagnant creating chronic inflammation. In the same sense, by rebalancing the bodies energy levels, achieving personal goals aiding in creating feelings of higher level emotions, and by use of Acupuncture and/or Acupressure, in my experience and many others: chronic inflammation and trapped stagnant energy can be released. โ €

How do you express yourself with frequencies other than the bandwidth of human emotions: Music? Do you play an instrument? Sing? Dance? Do you connect with the melodies or the words? Do you connect with beats or a specific style or genre? Do you connect to frequencies in a different way than music? There are no wrong answers, everyoneโ€™s Darmha is different weโ€™d love to hear how you experience the universal energy below!

Our bodies are speaking to the world around us at all points. What type of energy are you emitting.. positive or negative?

All medical services should be continued. Wellness Programs are a substitute for medical care.
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